WalmartOne Login: Headquartered and primary operational in the USA, Walmart is the world’s biggest supermarket chain. As per the latest statistics, the company has over 2 million employees (also called associates).

Out of this, approximately one and a half million are employed in the United States alone. With such a large number of employees, the company needs to have an effective and reliable employee management system in place. Thankfully, they have what is called WalmartOne



WalmartOne (also called WM1) is an official online resource created for the associates. This portal allows you access to a variety of employment-related information. Here, the employees can view their pay stub, schedule, benefits, and more.

It also has a pretty good collection of self-help and self-development tools. Every employee or associate of Walmart is provided with a unique Walmart Identification Number (WIN). You need the WIN to register for the Walmartone Associate Login.

WalmartOne Login | WalmartOne Associate Login:

WalmartOne associate login is very easy from your computer. All you need is a computer or laptop with a browser and internet connection. WalmartOne website works on all the mainstream browsers including Chrome and FireFox. The WalmartOne associates can log in to this portal and view all the information pertaining to their employment.

You can access the WalmartOne portal from Windows and Mac computers.

In order to use the WalmartOne associated login, you will need to sign up for an account. You could use that account to log in to any device including mobiles. Let us first take a look at the registration process.

WalmartOne Registration:

In order to sign up for WalmartOne login, you will need the Walmart Identification Number, which is also called WIN. This number can be obtained from your supervisor or the HR team. WIN is usually handed out to the employees few days after the joining. It may even take a month. You may speak to your supervisor for more details.

If you already have WIN, here are the easy steps to register for a WalmartOne account:

  1. Open a browser and go to the following URL: 1. Here, you need to click on the link ‘Sign In’ located on the upper right. You can also directly go to the Sign in page at
  2. Once you are on this page, click on the link ‘Register’. You will find this link just underneath the Login button
  3. You will need to fill the following details on the page with the form: Walmart Identification Number (WIN), your year and date of birth, the date you were hired by Walmart, and your email address. We can also change the language from the Language drop-down. We can choose between English and Spanish.
  4. Click Submit after filling in all the details
  5. You will be redirected to another page on which you can review the information you have provided to ensure everything is correctly filled. You can edit the information in case something is wrong.
  6. Click on ‘Submit’ one more time
  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the WalmartOne associate login registration process. You will be required to create a username and password during the process.

How To Sign In To WalmartOne From PC:

Signing in is pretty easy once you have registered the account and created the username and password. Here is what you need to do:

  1. If you are on the WalmartOne home page then click ‘Sign In’ link on the top right. Else, you can directly go to the WalmartOne login page at
  2. Enter the username and password you created at the time of registration
  3. Click the ‘Login’ button to Sign in

This is all you need to do!

WalmartOne Login From Mobile:

This part is easy too. There are two ways for you to use WalmartOne associate login on mobile

  1. Using a mobile browser
  2. Using the WalmartOne app

walmartone app - wm1 app to login to walmartone account

WalmartOne Login Using the mobile browser is quite the same as PC login. All you need to do is access the Sign in page and log in with your username and password. In case you haven’t created the account yet, you can follow the registration steps above and sign up for the online services.

But, there is a better way to go for WalmartOne Employee Login. The company has created a handy app that lets you access all the services from your mobile device. There is absolutely no need to open a browser and follow the long drawn log in process.

How To Download The WalmartOne App on Android and iPhone:

That’s not a problem at all. This is because WalmartOne Associate login app is officially available in the app stores. If you have an iPhone (or any other iOS device) you can visit App Store and download the app from there. Android users can get it from Google Play Store.

There is one thing to note though. Look up in the stores with the keyword ‘WM1’. We don’t know why but the app is not listed as WalmartOne. It is available as WM1.

How To Do WalmartOne Login On Mobile? How To Use WM1 App?

Now that you have downloaded the app you would like to know how to log in to your account through it. It is very simple.

In case you are already registered, simply run the app and you will see the login screen. Enter your username and password and that’s it. You are logged in to WalmartOne app.

If you haven’t created the account, tap ‘Register’ link on the login window. The registration process is same as what we have provided in the PC Login section. You need to provide the same information as before including your WIN.

Once the registration process is complete, you can launch the app one more time and log in with the credentials.

I Forgot My WalmartOne User ID Or Password: How To Reset WalmartOne Password?

In case you forget your user ID or password, you can retrieve the information easily. Here is the method.

Recover User ID: Here is what you need to do to retrieve the user ID:


  1. Visit the web page 4. or run the WM1 on your iOS or Android device
  2. Click (or tap) the link ‘Forgot User ID?’
  3. Enter the email address with which you registered your WalmartOne wire login account
  4. Enter the verification letters
  5. Hit the ‘Go’ button

forgot walmartone passoword? then reset the password with the verification code

You will receive an email with your User ID.

Reset WM1 Password: In case you have forgotten the password, follow these steps to reset it:

  1. Run the WM1 app or simply visit the URL 1.
  2. Tap or Click on the link labeled ‘Forgot Password?’
  3. Enter your User ID
  4. Enter the verification code/letters
  5. Hit the ‘Go’ button

You will receive an email at your registered email address with the link for password reset. Access the link and reset your WM1 password. You can now log in with your new password.

WalmartOne Schedule:

WalmartOne associate login is very popularly used by the employees to check their schedule. Keeping an eye on your schedule helps you plan your week. Log in to your WalmartOne account. Locate and click the ‘Schedule’ section.

You will be able to see the schedule by day, week as well as month. When any changes are made to your schedule you are notified via an email. You can also request for a change but it is subject to the supervisor’s approval.

WalmartOne Paystub – Online WalmartOne Paystub Login Page:

WalmartOne associate login also lets you view your pay stubs. This helps the employees view what exactly they are being paid and how. The Paystub also contains information regarding tax deductions, incentives, and other details.

You can download the paystub to your computer. You can also have the paystub emailed to you every month when it is generated. This is a great option for those who are Eco-conscious and do not wish to receive paystubs in the paper format.