WalmartOne Paystub: We know that Walmart is the world’s largest retail company. This is the reason why it has the big responsibility to manage a massive workforce. Currently, Walmart employs more than 3 million associates worldwide. That’s quite a huge number.

The company has incorporated an employee management system called WalmartOne, which also serves as a self-management tool for employees. This tool lets you view WalmartOne paystub, benefits, schedule and more. You first need to sign in with your WalmartOne login credentials to view the details.

WalmartOne SignUp Process:

walmartone paystub

In order to view WalmartOne paystub and benefits online, you will need to sign up for the WlmartOne services. To sign up and create an account, you can either use the web portal or download the WM1 app for Android or iOS devices.

Now, before you register, you must have Walmart Identification Number or WIN handy. WIN is given to the associates after they have received their first paycheck. This means you can register to WalmartOne only when you have been paid by the company at least once.

his means you can register to WalmartOne only when you have been paid by the company at least once.

Here are the steps to register:

  1. 1.Go to or open the WM1 app
  2. 2.Select ‘Register’
  3. 3.Now you need to provide the personal details including WIN, date and year of birth, date when you were hired, and email address
  4. 4.Once you have provided the details, you simply need to follow the instructions on the upcoming screens/pages.

login to walmartone to check walmartone paystubs

Check WalmartOne Paystub On WalmartOne Online Portal:

Now that you have signed up, you can view your Walmartone paystub online. You can use the portal or you can view it via the app. Go to or open the app and log in with your account credentials.

Paystub option is easy to locate. You can find it on the homepage of the Walmartone paystub portal or on the home screen of the WM1 app. The paystub section lets you view the recently released paytub as well as the older ones. Some very old paystubs may be archived but you can view them too.


Not only can you view the paystub on your browser, you can also download it on your computer in the form of PDF file. You can also send the paystub to an email address. If you would like to receive paystubs in your email automatically every time they are available, you can do that too. Paystub gives you the details regarding the payment made to you by Walmart.


Now you can view the WalmartOne employee benefits easily on the walmartone portal or WM1 app. You just need to sign in with your username and password.


Walmart is known to provide several benefits to its employees or associates. The most important benefits are of insurance. Walmartone benefits cover insurance for life, insurance for health and insurance for accident. But, the company also offers other benefits such as bonuses and leave benefits. You can locate the benefits section on the portal or app quite easily. Once you click on it you will be able to see the details.